Solo Art Show by Amy Wright

19 March - 2 May 2021

Amy's solo exhibition on the walls of Lon is inspired by Lon's landscape.

"I’ve a familial connection to the landscape that embraces Lon. It is an environment that has been intwined with my upbringing. Its contours have held generations.  It is a backdrop to many memories.

As is often the case, the familiar can numb your response to your surroundings.  You take for granted what the eye sees."  

"On each of my visits to Lon, I found myself lost. For all its familiarity, I repeatedly took the wrong path and found myself disorientated. In this ‘lost’ space I was struck by the blurring of boundaries between the arable lands and the immensity of the coast line. Two similarly expansive, yet opposing lands are separated by a consuming and protective border of dense Moonah trees and sound absorbing sand dunes. Interested in the unseen and often unnoticed details of a landscape, it was here, at this border; which appears to tether the landscape, that I found inspiration."

"Infused with an ethereal quality, the works in the collection emphasise my practice of working from memory. My memory saturates colour and memories play back in the form of textures and patterns. The landscape is painted as fragmented and blurred musings of the realities that have since ebbed. Tethered is a collection of works that explore this binding of opposing landscapes and the fusing of sensory memories with personal reflection."


Open for public viewing & sales 10-4pm Monday to Saturday

No appointment necessary


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